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Emma Nwan Biography, Early Life and Career

Emma Nwan Biography, Early Life and Career

Emmanuel Nwanganga Best known as Emma Nwan ,is a TV Personality, An actor, Spoken word artist, Makeup artist, Hairstylist and a Cosmetic distributor. born in January 11th, 1995.

Family & Early Life

Emma Nwan was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Cyprian Nwogu. He was born and raised in Eleme, Rivers state, Nigeria. He started Developing Love for Fashion at his Early childhood age and has been a source of motivation and inspiration to his friends. Emma Nwan believes he can build up a business skill to help sponsor his talent in acting, Production of short films and spoken word videos.
Educational Background

Emma Nwan completed his nursery and primary schooling in De living proof Academy, while his secondary schooling was at Ascension high school and Lords international school Eleme, Rivers state in 2012
He did Studied  Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Kenule Benson Saro-wiwa  Polytechnic (Rivpoly), Bori Rivers State Nigeria


Emma Nwan is Currently a makeup artist, Hairstylist, Cosmetic distributor and the CEO of Unik Signature.

As an actor and a spoke word artist Emma Nwan has done some inspirational video that is Presently on YouTube and other Video Sharing Network/App
Some of the Titles are;

● He is more
● Your seed gift
● Relationship vs Relationshit
● What can't he do
● Birthday vs deathday
● What is your life for?
● Letter to my friends
● Never change your nature

 Role models 

Majid Michael and Prince ea has been an inspiration to His talent 
David ibiyeomie, TD Jacks, Les brown, Myles Munroe, Ubong Kings, Akin Alabi and so many world motivators has been a source of inspiration to him
In the business world, Jojo's Touch and Prince mega has impacted his life greatly.
Emma Nwan has a constant compassion for people. His vision is to be of good impact and blessing to the world through his business, acting and speaking.
He believes that the world can be a better place, if everyone can use their potential to contribute in making it a better place.