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De Thrills Music (Terms and Conditions)

Terms & Conditions (Branding & Publishing)

De Thrills Music is an Online Music Distribution ,Branding, Artist Management & Entertainment Hub©©

1. All Artist Are Subject to support Each other by Streaming and Sharing their music Links

2. Our Artist are eligible to get a biography Upload upon membership

3. De Thrills Music Is Authorized to manage the official Facebook page of all Artist 

4. De Thrills Music is authorized to Publish  Recording of all Artist

5. If any Artist does not comply , the Artist music catalog will be removed from the platform and stores with a Writing Notice

6. De Thrills Music Publishing will Have exclusive rights of Song Recordings on youtube and our stores

*Every Artist Will sign up for their prefered P.R.O (Performing Right Organization) to track the performance and collect their Royalties 

7. Each Artist Will own their songs and no Artist name will appear if didn't Contribute to the track with is Released

8. The Founder of this Organization will not take any share in the income of any Artist but the Organization will take 5% for promotional work

9. An Artist shouldn't be so curious that he/she has earned a $ immediately after music Release.

10. *Have it in mind that payments , that's if the artist songs generate income are paid after 2-3months through the Artist PayPal account (Email Address)

11. Do You Agree to the Terms and Conditions? Our Distrubtor Takes 15% of your Royalties and De Thrills Music Takes 5% , You Will be Given 80% Upon Membership © Digital Platform pays $0.00331 and $0.00437 per stream to rights holders. If you don't earn much. Might not take our fee (Be guided)


12. De Thrills Has a moderate membership fee and will not Do more or less than the services Listed therein

13. The Internet Will always be a reference if you come across any doubt about this Platform (DTM) or Digital Music Distribution FAQs (In General Terms).

14. We can Work for non members but with limited offer and The Original Price (No Discount)

15. We Monetize Tracks on stores. 

16. Our Music Upload on Blogs and News Release are available for a Discount price of 10% (it's based on negotiation)

17. De Thrills Music Will not be in any form Publish a Copyright Infringement Content or Track


i. Artist Musical art work should have nothing less than the Artist Name and the song title and a Picture if any..
ii. No logos, Social media handle or Promotional content should be spotted
iii. You can do two art work for the promotion of your music but this one should be mainly for hype on blogs and not on the digital Streaming platform. (3000 x 3000 Pixel) 
IV. Audio file should be a Wav file and has At least 16bits and 44,100 HZ (We can also convert your Mp3 to the Desired Format).

19. NOTE: This Is not a record label but Music PR Service that works with a major Distribution Company and Journalist in Giving you the platform, ideas, Skills, Assistance & Management You Deserve as an Independent Artist. We offer only Online Management/Branding , We won't hook you up with shows or Take part of any Cash you make out from your shows and other achievements , you will be renowned For the Love & Passion (if you believe in your sounds and Work with us with Diligence and Great Mindset).

20. Our Membership is for 365 days (1year of Service) After Which you RENEW MEMBERSHIP..

* Immediately You Fill the online form and We Release your First Track.. You Have opted in (Your Time starts Counting) 

NOTE: We Record The Start to End Dates of Redering Services to our Artist in our Database.

21. By Filling the Contact/Registration Form of De Thrills Music, You Have Accepted the membership and hereby Grant Us every access to your music, Also Agree to our Terms and Conditions. You have choosen to work With De Thrills Music As a Publisher on your behalf