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Reasons you must stop using essay password for your ATM card

Few months into my job, I have realised that people still use their date of birth, 1234, 1111, 0000 and other easy-to-guess numbers as their security passwords for their ATM pin and mobile applications... Its totally bad. As a security expert, I advise people to desist from this habit in order to ensure that your money is safe. Most of the time, I feel angry when I hear a customer complaining that his or her money has been wiped away by fraudsters and when I simply ask them what sort of password they used to secure their ATM card or mobile app, you get the shocker of your life.

What you should do...

1. When trying to choose a password for your bank account, let it be something that can't be guessed. This is the first step in choosing a strong pin. Numbers like date of birth, 1234, 1111, 55555, 1975, 0000 is a total NO!

2. Never you allow anyone be so close to you when trying to withdraw at the ATM . based on experience, most Nigerians don't know how to conduct themselves when queuing up at the ATM. They will choose to gum themselves like sardines when trying to withdraw. In this note, anyone can spy on your pin, trail you and steal your ATM card... It happens.. Don't fall a victim. Please always ensure that no one is so closely behind you when using the ATM for security reasons.

3. Change your ATM pin and other login pins to your bank accounts frequently..

Oh yes. I say this all the time during my encounter with bank customers. Try to change your ATM pin once in every 3months or 6months as the case may be. Why should you do this? I will give you a story.

I used to work for a wicked boss years back and it happened that he sent me to withdraw for him occasionally, that means I know his ATM pin. If I were a wicked person, I could conive with his new employees to get his atm card number and Security number, voila!!! I am a rich man!!

In the light of this, I encourage all of us to adopt this habit of changing our security pins quarterly.

4. Trust no one

That she or he is your brother or your son or your nephew doesn't mean you should be relaxed and reveal these sensitive information to them. The bible says that the heart of man is wicked and also says that brother shall rise against brother. Be warned.