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Nigerian-born UK City Trader Jailed For Attempting To Run Over His Creditor

A Nigerian-born UK City trader, Elijah Oyefeso, jailed for attempting to run over his creditor
City trader who claimed to be a self - made millionaire has been jailed after he tried to mow down a man he owed money to .

As reported by the Mail Online , cash- strapped Elijah Oyefeso , 23, attacked creditor Dennis Ofosu during a row over a debt , outside the Goals soccer centre in Southampton.

Oyefeso , who once boasted that he earned £ 90, 000 - a -month, was said to owe Mr. Ofosu cash after borrowing it to buy a Land Rover.

The self- taught trader was heard telling his victim : “ If you were in London, I would kill you , ” before ramming his Toyota Prius into the ex -soldier and throwing him onto the bonnet .

Oyefeso , from Camberwell , south London, was jailed for two and a half years after being convicted of dangerous driving and possessing a weapon in a public place , at Southampton Crown Court.

The trader has previously boasted of his luxurious lifestyle on social media , posing alongside a fleet of sports cars in a series of smug snaps . He flaunted his wealth to his 30 , 000 Instagram followers , showing off a gold Lamborghini Gallardo , Rolls Royce Wraith and Bentley Continental.

Oyefeso also featured in the Channel 4 TV show ‘ Rich Kids Go Shopping’ , in which he was filmed as he traded online, making £ 1 , 000 in just 15 minutes .

But , Jamie Gammon , defending, said that while his client conveyed a champagne lifestyle online, his finances told a drastically different story.
He told the court: “ He makes a number of claims about his wealth , but I have seen no evidence of this .

“ Clearly, if he had this money , he could have written a cheque to the victim . ”

Judge Christopher , Parker QC , condemned Oyefeso ’ s actions and accused him of lying about his business acumen and wealth .

He said : “ You portrayed yourself as a very successful trader within the financial market . Clearly, this is not the case . ”

Richard Martin , prosecuting, said Mr. Ofosu had loaned money to Oyefeso so he could purchase a new 4 × 4 to add to his fleet of top - of - the - range cars. But when he asked for his money back , furious Oyefeso got behind the wheel of his car in effort to knock him over .

Mr. Martin said : “ Oyefeso ’ s friends said to him , ” Why don’ t you get rid of this waste man ?”’ Oyefeso then drove into the victim who ended up on the bonnet of his car .

Mr. Martin said : “The victim grabbed on to the windscreen wipers . Oyefeso said , ” I told you I would kill you ’ and his friends told him to stop.
“ He put the windscreen wipers on and the victim ended up on the grass . ”

Oyefeso , who claimed he started his trading company with a student loan after dropping out of Buckingham University, represented himself at the trial .

Judge Parker told the defendant: ‘ The victim came off the bonnet of your car and landed on the dual carriageway of a major road . Mercifully, he was not seriously injured .

“ It was very dangerous and he could have been killed or badly injured . ”

Oyefeso also had a string of convictions for motoring offences since 2013, including five counts of driving without insurance, five counts of failing to identify a driver and four for speeding.

Many of these had taken place before he passed his driving test last year . The court heard he also had a stun gun, meaning he was in breach of a suspended sentence for the possession of one in a public place in 2015.

Oyefeso was jailed for 12 months for dangerous driving , and 18 months for possessing a weapon in a public place to run consecutively. He was also banned from driving for three years and three months .

In addition to his Instagram account , Oyefeso also has 15, 000 followers on Twitter , where his bio describes him as being a ‘ Trader by day , film producer and car connoisseur. ’

He has reportedly claimed to earn as much as £ 90, 000 a month, even though he says he sometimes only works an hour a day. This was through a form of sto