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some reasons why good girls don't hoocked on time


1. Over selection of guys that are coming your way

2. Unrealistic expectations and desires from guys coming your way

3. When you don’t want to cross the ocean- You live with your parents (or on your own) on the Island but you don’t want to consider any guy on the mainland no matter his qualities

4. Insisting on marrying someone from a specific tribe,or religion or nationality

5. Insisting on marrying someone from your church denomination even when Christians from other folds come

6. Insisting on marrying someone in your profession

7. Poor, shabby and indecent dressing and dress sense

8. Dwelling in your shell- As a result of past hurtful experience you have decided to stay inside your shell like a snail. Ofcourse, your relationship will take on a snail speed when you embrace ‘snail-like lifestyle’!

9. Absence of divine favour as a result of your character and general lifestyle!

10. May be you are paying for your past deeds, especially when you have refused to repent, forsake your sinful ways or forgive those who hurt you.

11. Satanic mark on you

12. Pride and arrogance

13. Rude and uncouth in speaking and behaviour in general- Lack of manners!

14. Not yet your divine time to marry
For quite a number of single ladies out there, it may be a combination of these factors that is responsible for your being single whilst you ought to be married. And it could be because it is just not yet time as highlighted in point 14 above. So, how do I know my case is a case of it is not yet my divine time? Check all the points above and see from 1-13 if any of those listed are in your bag. Ask those around you, especially those who know you well, who can tell you the truth. If none of item 1-13 are in you, then I say to you HAPPY WAITING! Why? The Scripture says;
“ But those who wait on the Lord
shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like the eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They walk and not faint’