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5 Train And Railway Safety Mistakes Nigerians Make Too Often

Railway/train accidents in Nigeria are close to zero ,let’s just say most people get lucky all the time .We have seen and heard of cases where people did not get lucky.

What are we doing wrong ?.Let us find out

1.Hanging On Trains
Most Nigerians like anything free ,I see a lot of people hanging on trains . There are so many sometimes , you would think they are more than the people in the train.

This is not safe,your life is worth more than the 300 Naira you are trying to save .

your life is important !.

2.Selling On Railway Lines

I know you are trying to make your daily bread,but who would you feed with the bread if you are no more.

Stay Safe !.

3.Walking Too Close To The Railway
When a train is passing by, stay as far away as possible .

The train is wider than the tracks , you could get hooked up and dragged along .

You could get hit by debris as the train passes by,this could lead to serious injuries or even death.

4.Waiting On The Railway Line
You shouldn’t stand on the railway line for any reason .

You can easily get carried away and forget where you are standing .

Did I hear you say “the horn is loud enough” ?,Are you fast enough ?.

Thats if you even hear it ,the human mind can easily shut out our other senses when one is focused ,for example ,listing to music from your head set.
5.Driving Over In A Traffic Jam
This is a very very dangerous thing some drivers do during a traffic jam.I noticed this especially at Jibowu.

Always leave enough space and make sure your front is clear enough before you proceed.

You could get stuck and it might be too late .Never stay on the tracks !.

Enjoyed this ?

Which of these are you guilty of ?

Let’s hear from you