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4 Of The Guys 9ice Praised In His Song "Living Things”

Falz The Bahd Guy cautioned fellow musicians who praise Yahoo boys and Internet fraudsters in their song. Many fingered 9ice as the main artiste that Falz was referring to cos he fits the description of such due to his latest song titled ”living things”. In the song, 9ice used their code word ”Chache” and went on to shower praises on some names which many claim are the Yahoo boys and wire wire boys. However, 9ice responded by saying he was not praising or mentioning fraudsters, rather he was praising hard working socialites.

Well, below are some of the hardworking socialites he praised in his song ”Living Things”.

1. Hushpuppi

2. Opa6ix

3. Baddy Oosha

4. Investor BJ

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